Click here? Really? NO

circle with a slash through 'click here' words
Never say "click here." Highlight relevant text instead and make it a link.


Of course, this eliminates redundancy and saves words. It's also a prime example showing people what they'll get by clicking a link instead of telling people to click on something.

How to live Tweet well

Live Tweeting an event, especially one that's live streamed, is a great way to engage an audience in a conversation. It's also a time commitment, so you want to be sure to do it well and to find a way to measure your success.

Why closed-captioning is important, and how to do it.

When I get done editing a video and uploading it to YouTube, I know there's one more step before the video is complete: Embedding closed-captions so the video is accessible to all.

Embedding closed-captioning in a video is not hard to do, though there is a bit of learning curve. I figured out how to do it on my own with a little bit of trial and error.

3.5 million reasons to think about SEO

A quick Google site search (going to and typing in shows that Google is indexing 3.55 million pages in the University of Oregon's domain, and that's not counting classroom and business applications, which are password protected, or even pages at UO Athletics,

results of show 3.55 million pages

Pesky variables of search engines

This is a follow up post to "3.5 million reasons to think about SEO."

Our friends up the road at Oregon State University are among at least three major schools in the country that count OSU as their initials.

A Google search for OSU places Ohio State University first, Oregon State University second, and Oklahoma State University third.

Introducing the UO Cosmic Theme

What is Cosmic?

Cosmic is a website theme for the Drupal content management system.

Cosmic is developed by Digital and Social Media Communications (formerly web communications) to aid departments on campus in creating quality websites. Cosmic allows departments with limited designer access or simpler needs to produce visually appealing web content.