Keeping a site loading fast is part of keeping a site accessible and useable.

Even in the age of high speed internet page loading times are important. The loading time of pages can be broken down into two categories, file size and number of assets that need to be loaded.

File size. The smaller the file the less data that has to be downloaded:

Drupal Basics part one

Web communications is part of a Drupal Basics training organized by Organizational Development and Training, which brought expert trainer Sher Fenn from Oregon State. The training will ultimately be available on video, but for now here are slides from the web communications portion of the presentation.


A single paragraph can save your site

Just like the young childless couple who buys a four-bedroom house in the right school district, you have to think of the future when you’re planning or replanning your site.

That doesn’t mean you blow your budget on custom css and programming, the digital equivalent of marble floors and gold-plated faucets.

Think of it more like preparing for the elements with insulation that’ll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Session I: Never say "click here"

Among the many topics we'll cover in our Organizational Development and Training course on web communications are the four basics of writing for the web.

Make your web work strategic

We're all pushed for time. That means we have to ensure that what we do matters. When it comes to the web how do you do that? You communicate strategically.

The difference between communicating and communicating strategically comes down to four things:

  • Goals.
  • Objectives.
  • Strategies.
  • Tactics.

The presentation embedded in Flash below uses the UO's Celebrating Champions effort as an example of how to plot your strategy.

Happy Birthday, UO homepage

On Oct. 19, what we still call the "new University of Oregon homepage" turns one year old. Rather blow out giant candles, we want to toot our horn a bit and talk about where the university's headed with its top web properties. Here's a quick presentation recapping year one and looking ahead.

Click the "more" button in the bottom right of the player to view it full screen. Also note the slideshow is not viewable on iPhones or iPads.