A championship day for all

The University of Oregon received unprecedented national exposure during the lead-up to the BCS National Championship in early 2011. To help focus that attention on the UO’s accomplishments in the classroom, the university launched an integrated communications effort known as Celebrating Champions. This communication program relied heavily on multimedia and social media content and focused on:

the UO home site,
the Celebrating Champions website,
the UO Facebook presence, and
UO Facebook ads.

The communications plan included three main objectives (see below) Also below are highlights from the full Celebrating Champions effort. Download a detailed report on the Celebrating Champions effort.

Communications objectives:
• Increase page views of the Celebrating Champions website by 15% over last year.
Results: The Celebrating Champions site saw a 339-percent increase in traffic over the previous year.

• Increase time spent on the Celebrating Champions website by 20% over last year.
Results: The average time on the site dropped from 1:31 to :58 seconds. However, as noted above, overall traffic was significantly higher.

• Generate a minimum of 25% of Celebrating Champions traffic from eight target states outside of Oregon.
Results: At total of 32 percent of all traffic was generated from the eight target states.

Highlights from Celebrating Champions effort:

UO home site
Traffic to the UO home site peaked at 70,000 visits on game day.

Celebrating Champions website
The Celebrating Champions site saw a 339-percent increase in visits over the prior year.
Traffic spiked on game day with more than 6,000 visitors.

UO Facebook presence
Communications staff made real-time photo and video posts to Facebook from Arizona in the days leading up to the game. These posts received 2,500 “likes” and generated more than 600 comments.

UO Facebook ads
These ads targeted 16- to 20-year-olds in Oregon and eight other key states. The ads reached 3.98 million young people with a total of 95,471,928 impressions. The ads cost .15 per one thousand impressions. These ads generated 17,652 clicks to the Celebrating Champions website.