Planning and wireframes

Wire what? Wireframes are basic graphic representations of your content.

In Session II of Getting Word Out on the Web we’ll talk about how to plan your site with a mission paragraph and a wireframe.

Hammer this out first. Then do the graphic design. All too often, web planning efforts focus on graphic design without thinking of strategic missions of their site, who the site will serve and, most importantly, what the site needs to do.

Only a design built around functionality will truly succeed.

Here’s a sample wireframe. We’ve scribbled wireframes out on napkins, notepads and even the backs of our hands. You can also use Power Point to create a wireframe.

As part of the planning process for the revamped UO home site, we used a narrative document describing the elements in our wireframe. This coupled with our Mission and Audience and editorial guidelines on the site continue to provide a backbone for strategic communications on the home site.