Google Analytics

Want to know more about who’s visiting your site? How long they’re staying, what they’re interested in, and where they’re coming from? Google Analytics is a free and easy tool to start using.

Analytics offers a fast, friendly interface tuned especially to marketing. To start using it, you will need to create an official Google account. We suggest using a department e-mail address, such as your department(at)

You also must add the tracking code to your site to ensure that Google Analytics is recording your visitor activity. The preferred method is to add it to your code just before your closing body tag. Contact us with questions.

Once your account has been added, you can view statistics by logging in at There you will see various profiles, some filtered by geography and others restricted to a specific subset of the site.

Note for Drupal users: Adding Analytics to your Drupal site is easy. There's even a module for it,

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