Recommended: Navigation Tools

Search Box

Especially for larger sites, implement a search box allowing users to search only that particular site.

Global Navigation

Use global navigation. If your site consists of multiple pages and invites users to move around and explore, consider using the same links in the navigation area on each page. The common set of navigation elements that appear on every page within a site is called global (or persistent) navigation. Be sure there is a link to every page you create, and that each page links to one or more other pages so readers can get to the next appropriate site.

Browser Compatibility

Be sure to test your site in versions of the most popular standards-compliant web browsers.

The Office of Web Communications suggests that all developers on campus build and test sites to work in the latest versions of the web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. In March 2010, after careful study of Google Analytics, we officially phased out support for Internet Explorer version 6.

If you experience what you believe to be a browser-related issue while viewing a site, contact us preferably with a screen shot illustrating the issue along with the name of the browser you're using, its version and the url of the site experiencing the issue.

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