Required Design and Content Elements

All college, department, and unit pages on the UO web are expected to include the following elements:

Banner with UO Signature

The approved green or black UO banner should be at the top of every page. This identifies your unit and your site as part of the University of Oregon. (You are encouraged to include “University of Oregon” as part of the title tag of your page.) Samples of approved options are below.

Download: graphics files code samples

Navigation Links

The UO banner must provide a built-in link to the UO homepage. In addition, on the right side of the banner, the only allowed text must link to the UO homepage and the main department index. These should be the only links in the UO bar.

Sample of required links for top right of page:

Title Tags

Page title tags are crucial to your site. The title tag will be the text for any bookmarks the user makes on your pages. Choose something that will help the reader remember what the page is. In addition, many search engines use the title tag as a factor in determining how to list the page. For example, "Home" is not specific enough. You'll want something along the lines of "UO School of Law." And if you want to include "home," you could, but it certainly would not be needed.

Contact Information

Include a "contact us" link (either a webform or an email address) to your unit so your visitors can ask questions or make comments. It is also valuable to have an e-mail link to your webmaster so users can report problems with the site. Be sure you keep these links current and monitor them frequently.


Include a statement in the footer of the homepage and secondary pages that the site is under copyright: "Copyright University of Oregon". Be aware of Intellectual Property Rights issues and the university’s acceptable use policy.


Be sure to include a link to the UO Records Privacy Policy in the footer of your pages. It includes several facets of the university’s policy as governed by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that pertain to past, present, and future students, to parents, and to faculty and staff members.

UO Signature Use Standards

  • The signature has been modified for optimum legibility for the web and can only be used embedded in the official banner.
  • No use of college or school secondary signatures or the UO seal is permitted.
  • Approved unit logos may be used at the footer.

Please note: The header graphic (logo and background image) of the main University of Oregon website is reserved for use on that site only. Reuse of that header graphic elsewhere is not permitted under any circumstances.

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