1 #sass Colors and Sass

Documentation for colors and Sass mixins and variables.

1.1 #sass.colors Colors

All UO primary, supplementary, and complementary brand colors are available as part of the UO Web Design framework.

1.2.1 #sass.mixins.context context()

Contexts provide information about where a component is inside so it can adjust its properties accordingly.

1.2.2 #sass.mixins.fluid-typography fluid-size()

Fluid typography sets font sizes in a way that they dynamically match the viewport size. Code from: http://www.sassmeister.com/gist/7f22e44ace49b5124eec Inspired by: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/05/fluid-typography/

1.2.3 #sass.mixins.rtl rtl()

Includes Right-To-Left langauge support. Can be turned off globally by setting $include-rtl: false;.

1.2.5 #sass.mixins.visually-hidden--focusable visually-hidden--focusable()

Makes an element visually hidden by default, but visible when receiving focus.