How should I identify our UO-related presence?

When naming your unit's social media presence, clearly and concisely identify your specific unit. Do not name your page in such a way that it might be confused with a general page representing the entire UO, or with any other UO unit.
Add the institution name “University of Oregon” before your unit name, i.e. “University of Oregon Admissions,” not “Admissions at the University of Oregon” nor “Admissions – University of Oregon,” nor simply “Admissions.” If necessary, an emdash can separate the institution and unit names.
Correct usages might include:

  • University of Oregon Department of Romance Languages
  • University of Oregon – Office of the Registrar
  • University of Oregon Admissions

This guideline can be selectively applied based on a logic check. Units with the word Oregon in their title, for example, may find the UO institution name cumbersome. For example, the Oregon Consortium for International and Area Studies (a real UO unit) should not be constrained to label itself “University of Oregon – Oregon Consortium for International and Area Studies.” In this example, the group name “Oregon Consortium for International and Area Studies” suffices.