All about the University of Oregon home site

Working under the umbrella of University Advancement, the Digital and Social Media Communications team manages design and content on the collection of pages associated with, collectively known as the University of Oregon Home Site. Information below describes the site's mission, audience, governance, and editorial guidelines. Questions about the UO homesite can be directed to

The mission of the University of Oregon Home Site is to communicate strategic messages to external audiences, with particular focus on telling the stories of extraordinary accomplishments by the university community. The primary audience is prospective undergraduate students and their families, but also includes prospective graduate students, donors, supporters, and prospective faculty and staff. Other functions include driving traffic to key externally oriented university sites, informing external audiences about newsworthy events on campus, and inspiring audience members to take targeted action, such as to give, apply, or visit the university. Occasionally, needs may arise to use the homepage to communicate short-term, emergency notices or news to current students, faculty, and staff. However the homepage will be strongly oriented toward external audiences.

HOME SITE GOVERNANCE: The Digital and Social Media Communications team determines and manages the specific editorial content on the homepage. Digital Communications Council provides guidance and feedback on the strategy and tone for featured stories, highlights, links, and emergency alerts on the University of Oregon homepage. The council shapes the editorial calendar for the year. As the authority on the University of Oregon homepage, the board may help the Digital and Social Media Communications team to enforce digital standards and best practices across the university. With the interests of the greater university community at heart, the council may advocate for additional infrastructure and staffing for homepage support, as well. With board members representing admissions, schools and colleges, development and UO libraries, the board will work in concert with the Office of Strategic Communications collectively under the umbrella of University Advancement, to ensure that the content on the UO homepage integrates and clearly reflects university-wide initiatives, strategies, and priorities. 


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