The Digital Strategy and Communications team (formerly web services) in University Communications elevates the strategic priorities of the university with an emphasis on web publishing. We, or in collaboration with teammates in University Communications, design and create content for top-tier university web properties while also developing, supporting and integrating a dynamic, feature-rich, branded web platform to support strategic communications efforts staffed by schools, colleges, and select administrative departments.

Digital Strategy and Communications Partnerships

We provide a modern, scalable, branded web publishing platform to schools, colleges, and select administrative divisions to meet communications priorities for primary organizational websites. We provide standardized branded graphics for use on websites. Within our partners’ divisions, designated digital communications leads oversee digital communications, from content and page creation to information architecture, accessibility, and SEO. We engage directly with the leads — when possible, directors of communication — to use central platforms to serve communications priorities. Find more in our Roles and Responsibilities.

Out of Scope

University Communications does not provide content, custom designs, custom graphics, or custom programming. Web applications and business tools (ecommerce, intranet) — transactional websites, sites supporting office workflows sites or file-sharing, sites requiring authentication, or sites supporting academic efforts or gathering or hosting confidential information — are not supported by University Communications. We outline possible alternatives in our Roles and Responsibilities.

New Sites

This approach enables our most creative and innovative digital minds to invest in truly innovative solutions supporting top institutional priorities. To keep that focus, new sites supported by our team must relate to and support the institution's strategic communications priorities. See our Roles and Responsibilities for information on how to apply for a new Drupal site.

Communities of Practice

University Communications fosters the spread of best practices and supports brand standards and digital accessibility by leading user groups which focus on content management and web design/development. These user groups enable talent from across the university to enhance innovation and tackle shared challenges while supporting the critical need for colleges and programs to build and maintain capacity in digital communications. University Communications plays a significant role in university-wide web governance and collaborates across campus to build and maintain institutional support for an effective network of communications and technology.