YouTube Video Instructions

Note: All videos must be uploaded to a video hosting location like YouTube or Vimeo.

Embed a YouTube Video on a Webpage

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the YouTube video.
  2. Click on the iframe Embed icon the right-hand side of the editing bar.
the iframe embed icon highlighted in the Drupal editor toolbar

That will bring up the Iframe Embed pop-up box.

screenshot of the iframe embed pop-up box with the fields URL, Name, Width, Height, and Advisory Title
  1. In the Advisory Title field, enter a description of the video. 
    • People using screen readers will likely be able to access this description to get an understanding of the information provided in the video. 
    • Include the word "video" in your description because screen readers will not be able to detect the type of content that is contained in the iframe.
    • Example: "Video showing fractal patterns in nature with audio of Physicist Richard Taylor and UO environmental sociologist Richard York discussing the beauty and benefits of nature's fractal patterns." 
    • Read the UO Digital Content Accessibility documentation to learn more about making videos accessible, including adding captions and transcripts.
  2. Go to the video on YouTube and click on Share below the title of the video.
screenshot of The Essential Beauty of Fractal Patterns video title frame with the Share button circled in red
  1. Choose Embed from the options provided in the pop-up window.
screenshot of the YouTube sharing options with the Embed option circled in red

The embed code will be provided and begins with <iframe. 

  1. Copy the URL for the video from inside the embed code, starting with https://. 
    • If YouTube won't allow you to select only the URL, go ahead and copy the entire embed code. Temporarily paste it into the webpage where you are going to be embedding the video, copy the URL from there, and then delete the embed code from the page.
  2. Paste the copied URL into the URL field in the Iframe Embed box. Click the green checkmark to embed your video.
screenshot of the iframe embed pop-up box with the fields URL, Name, Width, Height, and Advisory Title
  1. When the video ends, YouTube will automatically suggest more videos. To limit the suggested videos to the source channel of the video you are embedding, add ?rel=0 to the end of the URL in the Iframe Embed box.
  2. Continue to the "Make Videos Responsive" instructions to finish embedding your video.