UO Banner CMS Module

Digital communications modules for both Drupal and WordPress create the top UO bar and footer, as well as the optional subfooter (the "ankle"). The Drupal module must be installed and enabled in order for the Cosmic theme to work correctly.

The use of the module is the easiest way to ensure your site meets all required web elements:

The UO Header Bar

University of Oregon header bar example

The UO Ankle and Footer Bars

UO Bar Ankle and Footer

The top bar and footer content cannot be altered, but the ankle content can be manually added and modified.

The module makes it easy to add contact info and social media link buttons in the ankle. The Drupal version of the module supports a hamburger menu for mobile friendly versions of the site.

Want to contribute or found a bug?

If you have a feature improvement or bug fix, please submit a pull request to the git repository on Stash. For other suggestions, bug reports, and feature requests, please submit a ticket to the Digital team.