Using Cosmic on Your Website

What is Cosmic?

Cosmic is a responsive, UO-branded website theme available for use on any official University of Oregon Drupal or WordPress website. It currently supports Drupal 10 and WordPress on UO Blogs.

This website is running Cosmic on Drupal 10. College of Education Dean site is an example of a UO Blogs WordPress site running Cosmic.

Cosmic is designed to be extendable and modifiable. It is intended to aid developers who need a UO-branded website, but lack the design resources or time to develop a custom theme for their project.

Cosmic was developed by University Communications to aid departments on campus in creating quality websites. Cosmic allows departments to produce visually appealing web content.

Bug Reports and Assistance

This theme is provided AS-IS and does not come with any warranty or technical support. If you encounter any bugs, missing functionality, or other issues with the theme, please submit a ticket. Likewise, if you make a patch to the theme that could benefit other users of the theme, please create a branch on the Git repository and submit a pull request.

Git Repositories

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