Web Guidelines

These standards are designed to make your website as welcoming and consistent as possible. We strive to provide a foundation of user-centered elements across all University of Oregon websites while also maximizing flexibility.

Consistency is Key

Think of users to your website just as you would visitors to our campus. The UO's web presence must be a map, tour guide, and informational session all rolled into one with consistent aspects that help users to navigate your site.

All of the communications on your site need to be tailored to the web with an eye toward conforming to the medium while maintaining consistency with your overall communications efforts.

We've tried to provide as much continuity as possible for visitors while providing the greatest amount of flexibility for departments, units, schools, and colleges.

As you apply the flexibility within the standards, keep in mind that we don't want to ask users to grow accustomed to different designs and new navigation systems on every university site they visit at uoregon.edu.

Required Elements

A standard web bar—included at the top of of UO websites—and a web footer are required on all officially identified University of Oregon, office, unit, department, division, school, or college sites using the uoregon.edu domain. The web bar and footer provide a consistent standard navigation to audience-oriented pages and to specific pages focused on external audiences. The links and graphics are fixed and may not be altered or adapted.

See the website brand requirements for more information.

Additional Requirements

Page title tags are required for your site. We recommend using the convention “Department or site name | University of Oregon" for the homepage of a website. All interior pages should use the convention "Page title | UO site title" (example: "Apply | UO Lundquist College of Business").

Above the required footer, include a "contact us" link (either a web form or an e-mail address) to your unit so your visitors can ask questions or make comments.

Permissions and Attributions

Site owners are responsible for ensuring they have permission to use all copy, images, and other materials on official UO websites, and that they follow any attribution requirements for such uses. All work must conform with the University of Oregon’s Acceptable Use policy.

Official University of Oregon websites may contain links to, and may be linked from, sites outside of the University of Oregon. The UO is not responsible for the privacy practices, terms of use, or the content of such websites and services. Avoid linking to an outside website or service in ways that could imply an endorsement or relationship without such an arrangement. If an outside link is required, it should be in compliance with University of Oregon’s Acceptable Use policy and other relevant UO policies, including those outlined on the UO Brand Website

Web Signature

  • The signature has been modified for optimum legibility for the web and can only be used in the official banner.
  • No use of college or school secondary signatures or the UO seal is permitted.
  • Approved unit logos may be used in the footer. 

Additional Resources