Converting from Cosmic to Cosmic V2

We are excited to offer a new version of the Cosmic theme. Cosmic V2 includes the latest UO branding elements as well as a number of important accessibility improvements. It also eliminates the need for the UO Banner and Footer plugin.

Site managers are encouraged to convert existing blogs from the original Cosmic theme to Cosmic V2. Please note that some plugins may not be compatible with Cosmic V2.

To convert to Cosmic V2, follow the steps below to activate the new theme and remove the UO Banner and Footer plugin.

Activate the Cosmic V2 Theme

  • From your site's Dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Themes.

    WordPress Appearance Themes menu screenshot
  • On the Themes page, search for "cosmic" in the search box at the top right. You will see two versions of Cosmic. Hover over cosmic-wp-v2 and click on the Activate button.

    Switching to Cosmic V2 screenshot

UO Banner and Footer Plugin: Copy Data and Remove

The new version of Cosmic does not need the UO Banner and Footer plugin since these are both included in the Cosmic V2 theme.

  • Navigate to the UO Banner and Footer plugin settings either by clicking Plugins and then searching for UO Banner and Footer, or by clicking Settings > UO Banner.
  • Transfer any information you have in the UO Banner and Footer plugin into the Customize menu for the new Cosmic theme by clicking Appearance > Customize.

    Appearance Customize WordPress menu screenshot

    For example, the 1200 pixel Custom Page Width from the UO Banner and Footer plugin should be added to UO Cosmic Settings, and the Street Address should be transferred to UO Primary Address.

    Learn more about customizing Cosmic V2

  • Once you have transferred all your information into the Cosmic theme, click Plugins and navigate to the UO Banner and Footer plugin. Click the "Deactivate" button.
Deactivate UO Banner and Footer plugin screenshot