Google Analytics

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Your Drupal website managed by University Communications contains a Google Analytics tracking code. We either use your previous GA code, if you had one, or assign a new GA code if your previous site didn’t have one.

There are currently two different types of Google Analytics:

You can use both types of Google Analytics to help you understand your users and better evaluate your website, email, and social media performance.

Note: Google will sunset Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. After this date, you will not see any new data in your UA account, but your G4 account will continue to collect analytics after this date.

Getting Access

If you would like access to your Google Analytics data and don’t already have permissions, have your site owner email and send the website you should be granted analytics access to and the Google account you would like to add to the analytics account. If your email is not a Google account, make a Google account using your email address.

Logging In

Once you have permissions for your Google Analytics account, you can log in at and/or download the apps from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS) to view either your Universal Analytics or your G4 Analytics data. If we manage your analytics accounts, both your Universal Analytics and G4 accounts should have your site's name for the account. The G4 analytics will have - G4 at the end to allow you to differentiate between the two types of accounts.

Using Google Analytics

We have provided some introductory information for interpreting your basic analytics data in “Analytics and Existing Data.” We have also provided basic information on using UTM codes for better data tracking in “What are UTM codes and how do I use them?

Universal Analytics

For additional information on using Google's Universal Analytics, check out the Google Analytics Academy and sign up for one of their online courses, or refer to the Google Analytics Help Center.

G4 Analytics

For additional information on using Google's G4 Analytics, check out the Google Skillshop Platform and sign up for one of their online courses, or refer to one of the Google G4 Analytics Help Pages. If you are already familiar with how the older Universal Analytics worked, you may find the Google UA to G4 Comparison page to be helpful for interpreting your newer G4 data.