Digital Platform April 2024 (24.04) Update

Version 24.04 of the UO Communications web platform has been released (tagged 24.04).

This release has the following changes:

Feature Updates

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core

  • Updated new gallery style "gallery-v2" with greater flexibility and other enhancements. This allows for galleries with lightboxes to work in any custom grid. The lightbox styles have also been updated. Further documentation on using these new galleries will be available soon.
  • Overlay shade classes can now apply to videos and iframes.
  • Improved display of H4-H6 headers on mobile so they stand out from body copy more.

UO Communications Install Profile

  • Adds new menu permissions to narrow the list of available menus and simplify menu management. (Site editors will no longer see menus for editing accounts, or changing the administrative structure of the site.)
  • Implements new permission to allow editing of previously created custom block content by all site editors. Site editors can now edit block content via either the contextual links when hovering over blocks themselves, or under Content > Blocks.
  • Standardized the "Dashboard" page/view and provides new links for managing menus and taxonomy (tags.) The dashboard now links directly to a page of curated help resources centrally located on the Digital website.

Bug Fixes

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core

  • Improved layout and display of aligned and captioned photos on mobile.
  • Fixed bug where left and right slide animations would not display on IOS devices.
  • Fixed bug where Hero "No Text" style envelopes could show text on mobile.
  • Fixed bug where "Resources For" menu would not display in mobile menu.