Digital Platform February 2023 (23.02) Update

Version 23.02 of the UO Communications web platform has been released (tagged 23.02 for Drupal 9) with the following changes:

Feature Updates

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core (23.02)

  • Updated FontAwesome icons to version 6.
  • Added new social media sprite options

UO Communications Install Profile (23.02)

  • Add video field to external article content type.
  • Added "None (Use Body") layout to Collections to omit the default collection styling for collections that are specially configured

Accessibility Improvements

  • Social media icons in footer are now in a UL list item
  • Footer links (Accessibility, Report a Concern, etc.) are now in a UL list item
  • Site footer now underlines links for better clarity and is no longer reliant on color alone
  • Improved focus boxes in mobile menu
  • Keyboard focus is now trapped in mobile search dialog while it is open
  • Improved focus visibility and clarity in google chrome
  • "Resources For" dropdown now indicates its role and open state

Bug Fixes

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core (23.02)

  • Fixed issue where "Envelope Stories" components would awkwardly break on very small screen sizes or enlarged text

UO Communications Install Profile (23.02)

  • Fixed issue where responsive images in certain contexts would fall back to very small/low quality versions. They should now fall back to the highest quality version for their given size.

Other Changes

  • Changes to the required elements in the footer, as requested by the Digital Accessibility Architect and approved by General Counsel and the Chief Civil Rights Officer & Title IX Coordinator

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