Digital Platform January 2024 (24.01) Update

Version 24.01 of the UO Communications web platform has been released (tagged 24.01 for 10, Drupal 9 is no longer supported).

The latest stable tags for UO Comms modules are the following:

  • UO Cosmic Theme - 24.01
  • UO Core - 24.01
  • UO Banner -24.01.1
  • UO Edit Suite - 24.01
  • UO Web Helper - 24.01

This release has the following changes:

Feature Updates

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core

  • Font Awesome icon library updated to version 6.5.1
  • Added "No Text" hero envelope template for hero style images with no text overlay.
  • Added new "Dots", "Confetti" and "Gradient" background pattern options
  • Added new social media icons varients with green and yellow backgrounds
  • Added updated twitter icon for social icons sprite and for footer icons

UO Edit Suite

  • Added "No Text" and "Text Center" options to hero envelope templates.

UO Communications Install Profile

  • Added "media delete" module to allow editors to delete old files.
  • Updated WYSIWYG editor to include CKEditor id attributes button and new CKEditor iFrame module.

Bug Fixes

UO Cosmic Theme/UO Core

  • Center aligned images inside grids now respect the center alignment.
  • Fixed missing files for message iconography.

UO Edit Suite

  • Fixed bug where text cursor position would get set to the top of the document on paste. The cursor will now be at the end of the pasted content as expected.
  • Template icons have been updated in numerous places. 2-Column 40/60 and 60/40 grids now show the correct icons.
  • Gallery images now get their correct display mode set when pages are saved.
  • CKEditor update has fixed the issue where Call To Action buttons would create a fake duplicate button when selecting the beginning or end of the button.

UO Banner

  • Help text has been updated.
  • Fixed issue where building selection could not be removed from the GUI when adjusting address location.

Accessibility Improvements

UO Edit Suite

  • Fixed issue where a user could not shift-tab back before the text editor in certain situations.
  • Insert template dialog now uses a proper heading.
  • Buttons in templates dialogs are now in list elements.
  • Improved contrast on buttons at the bottom of template insert dialog.
  • Ensured focus state starts with tabs in templates dialog.
  • Removed focusability from sidebar title, first focus on sidebar open is now on the first plugin button.
  • Aria-live text now reads out actions taken by the user ("grid item added", "item deleted", and so on).

Known Issues

 This prevents users from navigating to the admin menus page. This is due to a Drupal bug.  

Manually enter "/admin/structure/menu" in your browsers URL bar after your sites domain (for example

Image showing the path "admin/structure/menu" in a browsers URL bar.

Alternatively use the Shortcuts menu, click “Navigation Menu.” Then on the page that loads, click “Menus” link in the breadcrumb.

Screenshot showing the "Menu" breadcrumb

UO Communications Install Profile: After saving page iframes aren't responsive and look broken.

Workaround: Give the parent element of the iframe one of the following classes "video-container-4-3" or "video-container-16-9" depending on the aspect ratio needed. Detailed instructions on our Video page under Video Dimensions.

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