Getting Started

Whether you are getting ready to launch a new website, launch a redesigned website, or just being added to an existing website, learn how to get started using our flexible, mobile-friendly, accessible, brand-compliant web publishing platform run through Drupal using our Cosmic theme.

Requesting Access to a Website

Learn how to request access to a website by having the site owner complete the site access request form and then completing the online terms and conditions form.

Logging In

Learn how to log in to your website using your Duck ID and password through our shibboleth system.

Design and Layout

Have questions about colors and fonts? From usability to accessibility, learn more about why we limit the options for colors and fonts.

Drupal Content Editor

Learn what all of the items are in the content editor, including how to format and style your content. Many of the elements are similar to using Microsoft Word, so in this tutorial, we will cover the more uncommon tools.

Writing for the Web

Writing for the web is unlike any other writing you have ever done. Writing for the web demands brevity, simplicity, and accessibility.

Editorial Style Guide

This guide is intended to provide writers and editors with clear, consistent guidelines for writing about the University of Oregon.

Tips and Tricks

Learn more about basic tips and tricks for creating and using a website to maximize its reach and effectiveness, including user experience and usability best practices, our website design and development process, writing for the web, and visual design.

Photo Tools

Get a basic tutorial on how to use Photoshop to crop, edit, and optimize your images before loading them on your website.

Watch Video Tutorials

Our YouTube playlist offers helpful video tutorials that cover everything from logging in, to building out pages.

Ask for Assistance

If you run into a problem, have questions about how something works, or have questions about functionality that is not covered, email to ask for assistance.