CAS Profile Information

While you are logged into CAS Profiles, click the “Edit” link near the top of the page by the “View” link to make changes to your profile:

CASIT profile edit link

Once in the Edit section of your profile there are two areas, “Account” and “Information”. The default is the “Account” section:

CASIT profile account link

In the Account section you can add or change the following content:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) – CV must be in a PDF format and have selectable text.
  • Photo – JPG, 1 x 1 ratio, generally 300 x 300 px, 300 x 225 px, or whatever size your site uses. Read more about web photos
  • There is also a section for an alternate email. Alternate emails are not recommended, but the field is available if it is necessary.

The other profile section you can make changes to is the Information section:

CASIT profile information link

In the Information section you can add or change the following content:

  • First Name – As you want it to display on the website
  • Last Name – As you want it to display on the website
  • Title – Full titles with no abbreviations
  • Additional Title – Optional, but can include titles like “Dean of …” and if you need it to have more than one title, separate them by commas
  • City – This is generally Eugene and/or Portland
  • Office Hours – Optional
  • Departments – Generally should not be modified, the “Affiliated Departments” field is generally used instead
  • Affiliated Departments – If you teach or participate in other departments, this is where you can add them
  • Programs, Research and Outreach – Optional, but there are some programs listed here that are not found in the main Department lists
  • Teaching Level – This is used to apply a filter based on what level of students you teach. As an example, if you teach only graduate students at the PhD or Doctora level, you would select the "Doctoral" option. Most departments don't use this field as many of their departments or programs don't need to apply this filter.
  • Interests – Optional
  • Website – Optional but can include personal or research sites

The following items do not need to be edited as they are automatically updated once a week from Duckweb:

  • Full Name
  • Phone
  • Office

If you need to update one of the Duckweb items, visit the UO Service Portal for instructions.

These changes may take up to 8 days to display on the CASprofile system.

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